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  • What's cool?

    "Cool is about being an individual and embracing what makes you feel great." Dayna Isom Johnson

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  • Hi There!

    Happy to see you! I'm Amy!

    Scout is my happy place. Where I create, dream and play. A place I hope inspires and spurs on your own dreams!

    I love Jesus, my family, animals and laughter. I love the country, Texas, and friends who you can just look at and know they get you. I love sports, dreaming, photography and margaritas. Galvanized anything, feathers, zinc, typography and plants. Pearls, denim, crisp white and sweet tea.

    If you want to get to know me better, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!

    Most of all I love to dream. I love ideas and I love creating. If you do, too, then come along for the ride! There's a lot in store!

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